Who We Are?

At ArchTech, we believe that combining architecture and technology is the key to creating innovative solutions that help businesses thrive.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have been dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals through a range of integrated services. With operations in the UAE, USA, Canada, and Lebanon, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses maximize profits, increase market share, and improve customer service. Our team of experts is passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed, and we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients.


At ArchTech, we blend architecture and technology to fuel business innovation. Since 2008, our global team has empowered businesses with tailored solutions, including business development consulting, growth strategy consulting, B2B Sales consulting, and digital marketing strategy for consulting firms. Operating in UAE, USA, Canada, and Lebanon, we're committed to your success.

Our Services

Our Business Development consulting services are designed to help you set up and run your business efficiently. We provide smart business consulting services such as Company Setup, Business Development, Advisory & Consultancy, Financial Auditing & Consultancy, Training Services and more.

  1. Business/Office Setup
  2. Business Services
  3. Business Development
  4. Managed Services, Advisory & Consultancy
  5. Financial Services, Auditing & Consultancy
  6. Training Services
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Our Engineering Experience services are focused on providing a range of engineering solutions to ensure that your infrastructure is optimized for growth. We provide services such as Architectural and Interior Design, Construction & Fit out Turnkey Solutions, Full Engineering Works Studies, Facilities Maintenance, and more.

  1. Design & Construction Services
  2. Architectural and Interior Design
  3. Construction & Fitout Turnkey Solutions
  4. Full Engineering Works Studies
  5. Facilities Maintenance
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Our Digital Consultancy Services in Dubai are dedicated to enhancing your digital presence. We provide services such as Digital Marketing & Social Media, Website & App Development, Smart Products, AI, IOT, and more.

  1. Digital Presence
  2. Marketing and Media Production
  3. Digital Marketing & Social Media
  4. Website & App Development
  5. AI and IOT Solutions
  6. Smart Product/solution
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Our Service and Operation Models

At ArchTech, we serve as your comprehensive business hub in Dubai, offering a diverse range of fully integrated solutions to meet your needs. From business consultancy services and market research to digital marketing strategies and business development  consulting, we provide expertise across the spectrum. Our team of business consultants in Dubai specializes in small business marketing, business growth, and business process consulting, ensuring tailored solutions for your success.

Using our unique BEDX framework (Business, Engineering, and Digital Experience), we develop customized plans to maximize profits, expand market share, increase customer base, and enhance client service. This framework comprises three pillars, each supported by experts versed in the latest technologies and industry best practices. Whether you require marketing operations consulting, growth strategy consulting, or B2B sales consulting, we have the resources and knowledge to support your goals.

At ArchTech, our commitment to excellence extends to our Operation of Excellence Loop, which guides our approach to service delivery. This engagement model offered as Everything as a Service (XaaS), ensures the highest quality solutions tailored to your business needs.

Our mission is to empower your business growth and transformation by providing the tools and resources you need to thrive. With a focus on smart business consulting  and digital marketing strategies, we enable you to concentrate on your core business while we handle the rest. Let ArchTech accelerate your journey toward success.

ArchTech's Execution Methodology

At ArchTech, we pride our expertise as business consultants in Dubai to follow a structured process, incorporating market research, business development consulting, and project management. Our smart business consulting approach, supported by growth strategy consulting ensures optimal results. With a focus on digital marketing strategy  and business process consulting, we guide you through every step of your journey. Let ArchTech be your partner in success.


We initiate our process by collaborating closely with the client, comprehensively understanding their business objectives and requirements. This enables us to pinpoint any pain points or areas where our expertise in smart business consulting can provide significant value.


We develop a comprehensive plan outlining the project's scope, timeline, and budget. Our business setup consultants in Dubai collaborate closely with clients to ensure the plan aligns with their goals and expectations, guaranteeing successful project execution.


With the plan in place, we begin the design phase, leveraging our unique blend of architecture and technology expertise to develop solutions that are both elegant and effective. We ensure each design meets the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics.


During the implementation phase, we execute the plan and bring solutions to life. Working closely with the client, we ensure smoothness and efficiency throughout by using our expertise in business consultancy services in Dubai.

Testing and Validation

As we implement the solutions, we rigorously test and validate each component to ensure they meet the client's requirements and function as expected. We continuously refine and adjust to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

Deployment and Support

Once testing is complete, our business process consultant deploys the solutions and provides ongoing support to the client to ensure that they are achieving their goals and maximizing their potential.

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Consultants and Experts

Our Expert Team

Our team includes professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets, including business process management consulting, technology, marketing, business development consulting, architecture and more.

Wassim Sakka

Wassim Sakka

Co-founder and CEO


Co-founder and MD
Manal Rahal

Manal Rahal

Operations Manager
Hiba Merhi

Hiba Merhi

Operations Manager

Our Success Stories

Explore the success stories of our diverse clients who have experienced remarkable growth and achievement with our business Consultancy Services in Dubai.

Business Consultancy

Helped them in getting bank loan to expand their business.

Franchise Consultancy

Helped them getting investment to grow via franchise model.

VC Consultancy

Helped them in getting VC funding to launch their business.

Investor Presentation

We prepared their investor presentation and helped them in pitching their idea.

Investor Presenation

We prepared their investor presentation and helped them in pitching their idea.

Investor Presentation

We prepared their investor presentation and helped them in pitching their idea.

Our Business Partners

We forge strong associations, driving innovation and achieving shared goals through our

smart business consulting services. Together, we create lasting impact and growth.

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